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Brett Niebergall

Golf Blog

About Brett

Brett Niebergall is a California-based entrepreneur and an avid golfer. He was born in the beautiful Texas Hill Country and moved with his family to the Carolinas at the age of ten, which is when he first discovered his passion for golf. He lived on a golf course in Myrtle Beach as a teenager — and before he started playing the sport himself, he and his brother used to sell golf balls to players as they passed by his backyard!

Eventually Brett got to know the pros in the golf shop of the course, and he wanted to immerse himself in the world of golf even more. He bought his first set of clubs at a neighbor’s garage sale, and this kickstarted a passion for the sport that he still feels today. When he and his family moved from Myrtle Beach to Raleigh, North Carolina, he played golf on the Cary High School. Nowadays, Brett plays golf just for fun, but he is looking to get into tournament shape to start playing competitively again.

For Brett, playing golf is a source of emotional regulation: it takes a lot of skill to regulate your mind and emotions in order to achieve the goals you want, especially during tough times in life. It is a skill and a level of discipline that one may use on and off the golf course, and people tend to underestimate it if they are new to the sport.

Brett created this blog to share tips and insights into the exciting world of golf for first timers and frequent players alike. He also runs a skydiving blog and a leadership blog based off of his career experiences as an entrepreneur.

More About Brett

Brett grew up on a large family ranch in Texas Hill Country, where he spent many carefree years enjoying the simplicity of ranch life with his extended family and their many animals. He moved to California to attend the University of California – San Marcos, earning his Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2004. Brett is a Cordon Bleu Chef and in 2006, graduated from the CA Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Over the course of his career, Brett has gained ample experience in the tech and food sectors.

In his free time, Brett not only enjoys skydiving and golfing, but a slew of other sports including tennis, snow skiing, and Bocce Ball. He also likes to watch basketball. Brett hopes to get involved in LGBT charity work and is seeking out new opportunities.