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4 Drills To Practice at the Driving Range


If you find your golf skills lacking, the most important thing you can do is to practice. One of the best places to practice is at the driving range. Even the greatest golfers have spent their fair share practicing at the driving range. Ben Hogan, who is often considered one of the best golfers of all time, would spend multiple hours a day on the driving range in pursuit of perfecting his swing. To better your swing, here are five drills that will help you become like Ben Hogan in no time.


Putting With One Arm


Putting with one arm can help you in two ways. One, it teaches you to release the putter head in the right direction. Two, it helps to redevelop your hand-eye coordination. Using one hand enables you to forget about the mechanics of golf and makes you concentrate on getting the ball in the hole.


Break Your Peeking Habits On Putts


Many golfers often struggle with peaking and missing short putts. To break your peaking habits you can follow this quick fix. When you are on the practice green, use a four-foot putt and stick the tee all the way in the ground. By putting your golf balls off the top, it helps you keep your head in place and your putter in line.


Test Out Different Grips


The perfect opportunity to see what grip works the best for you is when you are on the range hitting balls back-to-back. To find out what grip works the best, stand with your hands at your side, and have a partner toss a club your way. Rely on your reflexes and snatch the grip out of the air and hold the club in front of you. By doing this it will allow you to experience what grip pressure is the most comfortable without the pressure of a game looming over your head. Your main objective should be to combine maximum clubhead speed with constant clubface control.


Stay Within the Lines


When you first start playing golf, it can be easy to push off the line. To help develop consistently, find a flat area on the green, and place two clubs on the ground. The clubs should be placed wide enough that you can place the putter head behind the ball. As you hit the ball between the two clubs, keep your putter low to the ground. If you find yourself hitting either of the clubs, you are not swinging the putter down the target line.