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5 Ways To Save Your Golf Game in the Winter

Unless you live in a warm climate, your trips to the golf course become far and few during the winter months. After mastering your game this past season, it can be frustrating to lose all the progress you have made. Rather than jetting off to warmer climates every few weeks, follow these five off-season tips to keep your golf game on point.


Putt Whenever and Wherever You Can


To recreate the feel of the green, but inside the comfort of your own home, purchase a synthetic matt with an actual hole. These mats can go as low as $14 and are relatively easy to find online. If you don’t want to spend any money, a coffee mug on your living room carpet will suffice. While this may not make you a better putter, it will help you get excited about the upcoming season.


Lift Weights


One of the main keys to keeping your golf game fresh is by strengthening your glutes and core. Strong glutes and core will help you maintain a better balance and give you more power in your swing. While at the gym, squat with a weight in each hand. Doing so will help you stay in shape, while you are off the green.


Golf by Simulation


While you won’t be able to feel a breeze on your face, game simulators are a great alternative.  Due to the advancement in technology, many of these simulators are quite realistic. If you are looking for an easy way to practice your swing check out Nintendo Wii U GamePad. For the more serious golfer, check out Full Swing Golf Simulation. With 93 courses, pristine animation, its no wonder why Full Swing Golf S4 is Golf Digest’s Editor’s Choice.


Swing Weighted Clubs


Swinging with a weighted club will help you improve the timing and mechanics of your swing. When you swing with a weighted club, you motor memory is enhanced. Your muscles will have an easier time “remembering” how to swing the right way.


Work on Your Mental Game


While there is a physical aspect of golf, it is not the entirety of the game. The mental aspect of the game is just as important. When you have a moment to yourself, visualize yourself on the green, clear your mind, and develop a routine of how you would start a play. Acting through these motions will help your mind be ready for opening day on the green.