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For beginners, after learning the basics of golf, the second most important thing is figuring out what golf clubs are the best for you. With so many choices, the options can be overwhelming at first. No matter what brand of golf clubs you decide to buy, the following clubs should be in your golf bag.




In every golfer’s bag you will find the essential club: the Driver. A Driver has the largest head, lowest loft, and longest shaft out of all the clubs that are in your golf bag. Drivers are designed to be used to hit a ball off the tee and produce the most maximum speed and velocity. Drivers are great for gaining speed all while maintaining control.


Fairway Woods


A Fairway Woods is the club you will reach for when you need to make a shot from the fairway. Compared to a Driver, the head is smaller and has a shorter staff. The fairway offers a golfer more accuracy but provides less distance. Typically, you should not use a Fairway Woods unless you are at least 175 yards away from the flag. This, of course, depends on how far you can hit the ball. Advanced golfers will hit irons from distances of 200 yards or more easily.




When you are less than 200 yards away from the green, it is time to pull out your Iron. There is a large variety of irons that you can have in your golf bag. As a beginner, stay away from Irons with a low loft, such as 3 and 4, and instead opt for Irons that have a high loft which will be easier to hit, like 7 and 9.




Hybrids are a recent addition to most golfer’s bag. The Hybrid consists of an iron shaft with a wood head setting. Hybrids give you the benefits of a wood club and the positives of an Iron. These clubs can hit stunning distances and are beloved by most players. Players often select their 3 or 4 irons and 7 and 9 wood with Hybrid clubs




Wedges are a type of Irons that help you make a precise shot.  The Pitching Wedge will be the most important, with a loft between 46 to 48 degrees. These clubs are useful to your game, since the design of the club emphasizes shot shaping and shot control.




The primary purpose of this club is to get the ball in the hole. This final step is easily the most difficult of any shot on the course.  Since putting can be the most stressful part of golf, it is essential that your putter is best suited for you. Manufacturers are continually innovating new putters every year, so make sure you do your research before selecting the right putter.


Picking out your first set of golf clubs can be challenging when you don’t have enough information. Gaining more knowledge on the types of golf clubs that should be in your bag will help you pick out the right clubs that are perfect for you.