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Golf is a beloved pastime for many. Golf enthusiasts will often agree that hitting the green isn’t only a great form of exercise but also a way to decompress and relax. If you are interested in hitting the tee for the very first time, there are a few do’s and don’t that you should bear in mind.  

Golf Range Vs. Golf Course

Do: As a beginner, you will want to start off on a golfing range rather than a golf course. As someone who has never swung a club before, you need to get in some practice rounds first. Save the gold course for when you are feeling the most confident.

Don’t: While at the range, don’t worry about other golfers. Everyone starts off as a beginner at one point and have made all the mistakes that you will make. No one will judge you for playing poorly in the beginning. Take this time to focus on you and learning the basics.

Finding a Teacher

Don’t: Do not let your significant other become your teacher. While it is nice to have the support from a loved one, teaching someone how to do something takes a lot of patience. When your loved one is doing the teaching, it can be easy for you, or them, to lose their cool when things go wrong, causing more stress than necessary.

Do: If you are looking to learn the game, take the time to find a professional teacher. Use the PGA directory to find a golf professional near you.

Where to Bend

Do: Bending at the hips helps to keep your posture and provide the most balance. explains that a hip tilt of 30 degrees will prevent you from moving up or down and provide your club with the best path.

Don’t: Bending at the knees is a common misconception to golfers. While in certain swings a slight bend at the knee can be helpful, too much bend in the knees places more weight in the heel of your feet causing bad balance while swinging.

Friendly Competition

Do: When offered to play in a game of friendly competition, accept the offer. Golf is a social sport. Take it as a chance to make new friends and even learn some tips and tricks along the way.

Don’t: Taking the game too seriously will ruin the sport for you and your fellow golfers. Putting too much pressure, or rubbing in a great shot will decrease the number of invitations that you’ll receive. Remember always to show your best sportsmanship and attitude.

Above all:  

What to Remember

Do: Always remember your successes and not your failures. As it is essential to learn from your losses, don’t focus on your failures. Learn from them and move on. Remember all of the great shots and the accomplishments you have made.

Don’t: While you are going to run into some failures, do not let it discourage you. Golf can be difficult to master in the beginning. Over time you will develop the skills that will turn you from a novice into a pro.