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Top 10 PGA Golfers of All Time


The sport of golf has changed so much since it was invented, but that is what makes it so fun to compare golfers of different eras. Here are the top 10 PGA golfers of all-time.


  1. Tom Watson


Watson made a career out of consistency and longevity. His final PGA win came 24 years after his first tournament victory in 1974. His eight major titles also rank sixth in PGA history.


  1. Byron Nelson


Bryon Nelson was a dominant force early in his career when he won more than half of the PGA tournaments in 1945. Nelson’s modest success in majors is the only thing keeping him from climbing the list.


  1. Walter Hagen


Walter Hagen played the best golf when it mattered the most. His 11 major titles are third all-time. This is even more impressive when you consider the fact that there were only 37 major tournaments held during his career.


  1. Gary Player


Gary Player was the first world ambassador of golf as he won tournaments on six different continents. The player may only own 24 PGA titles, but nine of them came in majors.


  1. Arnold Palmer


Arnold Palmer’s likable personality and cool clothes made him the first celebrity golfer in the country. His 62 career PGA titles helped skyrocket television ratings for the PGA.


  1. Bobby Jones


It is impossible to understand Bobby Jones’ greatness by just looking at his stats. There was simply no better golfer in his era. Jones’ long amateur career and early retirement are the only reason he lacks PGA titles.


  1. Ben Hogan


Ben Hogan may not have been the most likable golfer on the course, but it was impossible to ignore his talent. Hogan’s nine majors and 64 career titles both rank fourth all-time.


  1. Sam Snead


The goal of every golfer is to win tournaments, and that is exactly what Sam Snead did throughout his illustrious career. Snead’s 82 titles make him the winningest golfer in PGA history.


  1. Tiger Woods


Nobody had the ability to dominate a tournament quite like Tiger Woods. His 14 major victories and 79 PGA titles both rank second all-time, but they likely would have been even higher if Woods did not suffer several debilitating injuries during his career.


  1. Jack Nicklaus


Jack Nicklaus is the clear-cut best golfer of all-time, and there likely will never be anyone to top him in the future. His ability to make perfect shots on the toughest courses in the world was unmatched and the primary reason he won an astounding 18 major championships.