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Which is Easier?: Fairway Woods Vs. Hybrid


Beginners in golf often find it difficult to use the long irons. Due to their small club faces, low loft, and low trajectory, beginners often opt for a 2 or 5 fairway woods. At least until the hybrid club became popular. A hybrid club borrows key elements from both irons and woods, giving a golfer the best of features of two clubs in one. Although both clubs prove to be a great alternative to a long iron, the real question is, which one is easier to use?


A Look At The Fairway Woods


For players that are not confident with their drivers, it will seem natural to gravitate towards a fairway woods. These clubs have a similar loft to irons, but allow golfers to hit greater distances. Naturally, fairways are used most frequently on the fairway. Fairway woods have a lower loft than a hybrid, allowing players to hit greater distances.


When To Use A Fairway Wood


Golfers gravitate towards a fairway wood when they need to push the ball away with one big swing. A few instances when you would select a fairway woods is when:


  • You are playing against the wind.
  • There are not any obstacles on the green.
  • You are not in a tight lie.
  • You are on the fairway or your lie is good.


A Look At A Hybrid


The hybrid is a newer club to golf. First making a debut in 2003, the hybrid club-head offers a larger sweet spot, a higher ball trajectory than a long iron, and a shorter staff than a fairway wood. Due to the popularity of the hybrid, many golfers leave long irons out of their bags.


A hybrid is more beneficial to use than a long iron because of the forgiveness within the powerful clubhead. To get the best use out of a hybrid, you need to grip the club firmly, play the ball in the center of your stance, and during your backswing, don’t sway away from the ball.


When To Use A Hybrid


When you need to hit the ball with a shorter, steeper swing you will want to opt for a hybrid. You will want to select a hybrid when:


  • You are playing from a bunker or from the rough.
  • You are playing with the wind.
  • You want to have a higher trajectory with a softer landing.
  • You have to hit over an obstacle.


After comparing these clubs against one another, the hybrid comes out on top for user-friendliness. The hybrid offers more ease for beginners and will help to improve their game and even their score. However, more experienced golfers will forgo the hybrid and pick a fairway woods. Seasoned golfers are more likely to land their drive on the fairway, and will pick a fairway woods to sweep the ball towards the green.